16 December 2015

fanta-five with Dick and Barry

Dick and Barry from high fidelity records for Panda Bear's, Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper.

Dick: So this is the new Panda Bear album; he also released two eps with remixes and some new tracks.

Barry: Oh my god, he is an animal collective guy. Actually he is the boring boring nerd animal collective guy. I prefer the other weirdo; Avey Tare i think it's his real name.

Dick: I like this album, it's so melodic and rhythmic, but it is simple like

Barry: The Beach Boys? Com' on Dick what's wrong with you mate? It's 2015, get over that stereotypic classical bullshit and enjoy the music of today brother! Pimp the butterfly mate!   

Dick: Ok, basically hip hop is not my style. On the other hand Mr Noah, come to your senses,  selfish gene and boys latin are some of my favourite tracks this year. I have to add to this list his epic remix for Eric Copeland's  cheap treat. Definitely a treat.

Barry: I really don't get you man. How can you stand this continuous la la la la, na na na over all these layers of honey melodies? 

Dick: Well, the vocals matching so perfectly with the melody is what makes Panda Bear a proper regular in the fantalist. For the first time ever Deehunter won't make it to the list! Amazing. Can you believe it?

Barry: Really? Panda Bear is in the list but Deerhunter is out?

Dick: Yes!

Barry: FUCK ME. FUCK ME. F U C K  M E. This list is worse than Rob djing  for a 90s party. This list has some serious artistic and relevance issues, my friend. You can't make a list without Father John Misty and Kamasi Washington. Nope, you can make a list without them, if you are living in the fucking place without internet, Iran or wherever that fucking place may be. 

Dick: Well, they do have internet in Iran. Probably it's monitored but I don't believe that p4k is banned. For the Panda Bear album fantasmenios wrote this post here but it's all Greek to me. (laughs)

Barry: Dick along with your musical taste and your desire for exploring new things you definitely make a filotim i would say effort to lose your sense of humour. I'm bored even to argue with you. So in number five it's Panda Bear  (i hope someday ) meets the grip reaper.

Dick:  Yeap. There is a new animal collective album on the way, which is great news, i think.

Barry: Chamos.


Pretty Visitor said...

"This list is worse than Rob djing for a 90s party."
well played mate, very well played

fantasmenios said...